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How do I know which products are best for my skin?

First, consider your skin type and your skin concerns. We recommend you explore our site related to your specific concerns, where we clearly highlight our expert skincare recommendations. If you still have questions, simply head to
our contact us page and reach out to our friendly team of advisors. 

Which cleanser is best for my skin?

Our cleansers are uniquely blended to help soothe your skin, whilst improving key concerns. Head to the concerns section of our website, where you will find the perfect recommendation
for you.

Does oily skin require a moisturizer?

Yes! Even if you have oily skin it requires love too! you still need a moisturizer to act as a barrier against environmental factors and by not using one it could actually trick your skin into producing even more oil than it was before. 

Our multi-action Brightening Equalizer moisturizer has a deliciously juicy texture, seeks to promote and even-looking skin tone and contains organic ingredients that will leave you with supple skin that doesn’t feel greasy. 

How do I know my skin type?

We always recommend you seek professional advice initially, but there are a few ways you can start to determine your skin type. The standard skin type categories are dry, oily, combination, normal and sensitive. 

To get a better idea of your skin type you can wash your face with a gentle cleanser and after thirty minutes, examine the size of your pores. Larger pores usually indicate oily skin, whereas small pores usually indicate dry skin.  

If you have a combination skin then it’s likely you will have a variation of both small and large pores. Sensitive skin is usually determined by the redness of your skin, so if you experience redness or small red bumps, then it is possible
your skin type is sensitive. 

How can I get rid of darkness under my eyes?

Darkness and puffiness in the eye area can be hereditary, but there are methods you can try
to soothe your eye area. Putting your eye-care product into the fridge is a great way to instantly soothe your eye area, whilst using massage techniques to help stimulate and revitalize tired and dreary eyes. 

Our multi-action Brightening Equalizer Moisturizer can also be used as an eye-cream, saving you time and money with the benefit of organic ingredients that will leave your entire face glowing. 

Do you sell body care products?

We do! We have a full range of delicious body care products that not only leave your skin supple and moisturized, but also target pesky skin concerns! We’ll let you check them out for yourself here:Derma Organics Body Care Solutions.

My scalp is causing me stress, do you have any suitable solutions?

Scalp care is one of the main concerns we address here at Derma Organics from common dandruff issues to the treatment of more complex hair types, we have a carefully blended range of scalp care products that you can view byfollowing this link. 

Help, do I need anti-aging recommendations?

At Derma Organics your skin concerns are our priority. For more information on our anti-aging recommendations, simply follow this like to view our concerns landing page.

Ingredients which are vital to slow down the aging process are:

Retinol ( A derivative of Vitamin A) - Retinol exfoliates the skin and enhances the overall appearance of skin tone and texture. 

Vitamin C - A very powerful
antioxidant that helps to stop the aging process by lowering the impact of environmental effects such as exposure to the sun, smoking etc.

Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid - These both help to replenish moisture and revitalize the skin’s outer layers so they look and feel softer, smoother and
hydrated to instantly improve the appearance of visible aging.

Where can I learn more about the ingredients used within your products?

It’s super simple, every product we retail has an “Ingredients Superstar” description, which will help to give you more information about each individual ingredient and how they can individually benefit your skin.

How often should I use a face mask?

We recommend using a mask/scrub two-three times a week maximum. If your skin shows any sign of sensitivity then reduce this to suit your skin type immediately. For best results use one of our face masks/scrubs after you have cleansed, but before using other corrective products. 

Have you seen our range of face masks and scrubs, if not check them out here.

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I'm using your products and I'm not seeing results, what am I doing wrong?

To see the best results we recommend a full skincare regimen. This means you should cleanse, moisturize, apply SPF, whilst also using your targeted treatments to remedy your concerns. 

It’s really important that you give your skin enough time to adjust, as there are so many variables to how your skin takes to renew and how long your concerns have existed. 

We recommend observing your skin for at least four to eight weeks in order to start seeing results. For more advice please speak with our friendly and experienced team.

My skin is breaking out after using a new product, is this normal?

It’s common to panic about minor reactions and breakouts when introducing new products to your routine, but give them a chance (as long as the reaction isn’t painful of course!) your skin will often need time to purge and readjust to a new product or set of products, but we don’t recommend continued use if your skin starts to become uncomfortable. 

Are your products safe for all ages?

Our products are all organic and carefully blended to target specific concerns for young adults/adults. For younger individuals with skin concerns, we recommend consulting with a dermatologist or licensed aesthetician for treatment recommendations first. 

Are your products safe during pregnancy?

Please always consult with your healthcare provider before using skincare during pregnancy. 

Are your products suitable for men to use?

Of course! Our products are designed to be unisex and inclusive, but we do have some specific products and bundles for a male audience,view them here.

Do your products contain parabens or harshchemicals?

Absolutely not! Our products are a safe and natural alternative to the harsh mass-produced products readily available within the skincare industry. 

Are you Leaping Bunny Certified?

Not yet, but we still follow the same regulations. We don’t test on animals and are cruelty-free.

I have ingrown hairs that are leaving scars, can you help?

If you’re prone to ingrown hairs, you should use products that have exfoliating, bacteria-fighting and calming properties. At Derma Organics we have specific concern related product ranges, so check out our devoted “Ingrown Hairs" page for more information on our expert blended solutions that can help banish this particular concern.

Help! I have dark spots, should I apply the productsjust to the dark spot or to my whole face?

Alternate between the whole face and spot treatment. Apply a spot treatment for stubborn dark marks that aren’t going away. Please remember that dark spots do take time to fade, so have a little patience and use individual products as recommended on our packaging/website.Check out our “Dark Spots” concern pageto find your perfect solution. 

In what order should I apply my products?

1. Cleanse first in the morning and at night.
2. If you’re masking, mask after you cleanse.
3. Apply your serums / targeted products. If you have multiple serums, it is best to apply your serums thinnest to thickest.
4. Apply your moisturizer. In the AM, apply a moisturizer containing an SPF. At night, apply a moisturizer that will provide intense hydration and will also promote renewal while you sleep.

Can I use Derma Organics products with other skincare brands at the same time?

Yes, this is fine. However, we recommend gaining an understanding of how each product line affects your skin first. Make sure you’re mindful that some ingredients really do not get along, a little research will help to stop any reactions.