Dark Spots - Choosing The Right Solution For Uneven Pigmentation

Dark Spots - Choosing The Right Solution For Uneven Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation is a common condition that affects all skin tones differently. Those with lighter skin tones are more likely to develop freckles and sunspots, while those with darker skin tones may look patchy or shadowy. Despite the abundance of solutions available to treat dark spots and uneven skin, you shouldn't assume they will all provide benefits for your skin due to the harsh chemicals that are often present in readily available treatments.

We pride ourselves on formulating natural solutions that ensure your skin is treated with high-performance ingredients, without the worry of exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins.



What Causes Dark Spots?

There are many causes of dark spots, which we have broken down for you below:

  • Acne - Acne can cause dark spots, especially in black skin during the healing process. Ingrown hairs and boils can also cause dark spots.
  • Ingrown hairs - Ingrown hairs are often associated with bacteria and inflammation within the follicle, which causes the skin to mobilize a protective response by producing more melanin. As a result of the inflammation, dark spots appear on the skin. These are called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation spots.
  • Hormonal changes - Melasma is a skin condition (common during pregnancy) that leads to small patches of skin discoloration.
  • Medication - Be mindful of the side effects of any medication you may take, as certain medications can increase pigmentation and lead to dark spots.
  • Inflammation - Dark spots can appear after a bout of inflammation, which may occur because of eczema, psoriasis, injury to the skin, and acne.
  • Wound healing - Dark spots may also remain on the skin after an insect bite, burn, or as a cut heals.
  • Irritation - The use of certain beauty, skin, or hair products can irritate the skin, causing dark patches to form.

How Do Dark Spots Show Up On Different Skin Tones?

As we mentioned above, there is a difference in how dark spots show up depending on your skin tone. Freckles and sunspots are more likely to occur on lighter skin tones, while patchy or shadowy skin may appear on darker skin tones. Because of the nature of dark spots, they often occur deep within the layers of the skin and take a long time to come to the surface. Hence, taking time and persevering with a natural remedy is usually the most effective treatment.


Treating Dark Spots With Derma Organics

Experience the healing power of turmeric and transport yourself to a herbal oasis with our best-selling Turmeric Root Bar.

With active ingredients such as organic Indian Turmeric Root, this powerful soap not only addresses skin concerns such as acne, eczema, dark spots and lack of radiance, but lets you enjoy a luxurious spa-like experience right at home. 




The Dark Spot Control Package is a high-strength organic skin brightening regimen for those who suffer from dark marks, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and/or ingrown hairs. It especially works as a natural dark spot corrector for the face. This set also helps to remove acne scars. You won't regret using our ‘Natural dark spot corrector for the face. This is the best skincare product for hyperpigmentation. 



Derma Family, that's not all! Visit our dark spots concerns page to discover even more solutions that will naturally treat your uneven skin tone, such as our:
Bumps N’ Stumpz and African Honey and Lemon Scrub. All of our solutions provide you with a therapeutic boost thanks to our use of natural high-performance ingredients.




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At Derma Organics, we make cleaner, more thoughtful skin and hair care for those with Atopic Eczema, Acne, Seborrheic Dermatitis and Hyperpigmentation.

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Our goal is to provide accessible natural alternatives to doctor-prescribed steroids. We are fully intentional about the ingredients we use as long-term health of our customers is taken into consideration during the formulation process. Therefore Derma Organics products are suitable for diverse skin tones and hair textures, no matter what your skin tone or hair type might be.

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