Collection: Eczema

It is always difficult to understand and diagnose skin conditions. As a result, the treatment process becomes even more complex. The causes of skin conditions ranging from lack of moisture to excessive oil production. There may be differences in symptoms depending on where you live and your age. The climate in different parts of the world varies, so it's quite understandable that skin issues may occur. Skin conditions such as dryness and eczema are extremely sensitive and complicated. Dry skin being the most common condition remains on the top while eczema on the other hand stands treatable but is difficult to diagnose.


Dry skin is usually observed in winters. Due to the lack of moisture and humidity in the atmosphere, one can have dry and lifeless skin. The more the temperature, the higher the rate of evaporation. During summers, the skin is naturally oily and the presence of moisture in the atmosphere causes very less or no dry skin. Dry skin can be a natural occurrence, it can be due to genetics, aging, or due to the physical environment around you. The skin looks rough and dehydrated.


Dry skin is the result of lack of moisture, dehydration, certain health conditions, climatic conditions, and genetics. It affects all age groups as you grow older, the skin becomes rough and loses moisture. One can get rid of dry skin by many methods or can buy skincare products for dry skin online to treat them. Dry skin creates an itchy surface causing redness, more roughness, and sometimes allergies. It is recommended to treat dry skin to avoid further complications in order to have healthy glowing skin. There are many organic face products for dry skin, so take a look at our own selection on Derma Organics.

Dry skin is treatable and is easy to look after, eczema on the other hand is more than just a condition. Eczema is inflammatory in nature while dry skin is a natural occurrence. It gives you thick, dry, and itchy red skin in the affected area. It also results in skin infection. Eczema can originate from your existing environment or it can be part of your genetics.


It is mostly observed in the areas of our body where there is friction and folds, like, the back of the knee, elbow folds, wrists, underarms, etc. Usually, the symptoms of eczema differ from skin to skin. The skin types that are prone to getting eczema are usually dry skin types. Symptoms include scaly skin, redness, swelling of the affected area, sensitivity, dry skin, irritation, and itchy skin.

Eczema is treatable but there is no cure to be found for this skin condition. Products for dry skin and organic face products for dry skin are available online on Derma Organic’s website. To treat eczema, we have to start with the initial issues. You need to know your skin type and choose products wisely. It is universally suggested to choose and buy organic face care products for the best results.


Skin dryness and eczema are followed by discoloration and pigmentation, thus, one has to follow a skin brightening regimen. Organic skin brightening cream by Derma organics is also advisable which is made of natural fruits and ingredients. Your skin brightening regimen is dependent on your skin type, not just it but the follow-up when your skin starts to heal. At this point choose and trust organic products to heal skin dryness and eczema.

Although you can take medications to treat dryness and eczema, there are also several ways that you can look after your sensitive skin. Take short showers, moisturize your skin regularly, quit smoking, avoid sun exposure, apply sunscreen lotion before stepping out, and use a natural skin brightening cream and organic skin brightening cream.

While you apply moisturizer regularly, the skin heals itself but still loses moisture. It is important to moisturize and hydrate your skin by using a healing product like our Chestnut and Brown Sugar Body Buttercream from Derma Organics. Its natural ingredients give you long-lasting hydration and help your skin retain moisture. For more information, on organic face products for dry skin visit our website.

Any bodily issue or skin condition often requires individual treatment. Though all of them are not curable we can limit the effects by treating the issue with the right product. Derma Organics produces natural products for all your skincare and body care needs. To treat skin dryness, choose Bumpz n’ stumps Topical Eraser, which goes smooth on your skin and also works wonders on eczema.

When an affected area of our skin is exposed, it can catch bacteria which can slow down the healing process. Chemical-based products will not work but worsen the effect on your skin. Choose Derma Organics for organic and natural-based products!