The importance of keeping your skin moisturised

The importance of keeping your skin moisturised
 When it comes to our skin, we often hear about how important and vital it is to keep it nourished and moisturised to maintain that healthy complexion. But just why is it so important and what are the advantages of doing so?
We are here to help answer some of those uncertainties and unanswered questions and provide you with all of the information you need to ensure that from now on moisturising becomes second nature to you and your loved ones for that glowing, radiant skin all year round.


The Importance of Moisturising.

 Moisturising should be considered a part of your daily routine with no question about it. The skin on our body is our largest organ and keeping it well moisturised and nourished is vital for making sure it stays healthy, both with the appearance and texture it holds. To understand the importance in more depth, check out some of our top facts, tips and more to maintaining healthy skin…


When to Moisturise.

 Moisturising should be done twice a day, in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to sleep, and both should be carried out after a full cleanse of the face. Moisturising after a shower is key as the hot water will strip all moisture and oil from your skin, leaving it feeling dry and tight. Hot water may feel very relaxing on your skin, but will cause outrage if it is not followed with a moisturiser to bring the glow and hydration back.


Moisturising Keeps your Skin Looking Fresh and Young.

 The skin on your face, neck, chest and ears are extremely sensitive to the changes in the weather conditions throughout the year. With the addition of skin cells shedding more rapidly than anywhere else on your body, the use of moisturiser and moisturising regularly helps to repair those areas and keep you looking younger for longer as the rise of younger skin cells replace the old and damaged.


Moisturising Helps Combat Skin Imperfections.

 Moisturising regularly reduces the chances of getting acne as dry skin and extreme oiliness can be one of its main causes. 


 And there we have it, some of our top tips and facts that highlight the importance of why you should be moisturising regularly and adding it to your daily routine! So, what are you waiting? Get moisturised and get your glow on…

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