The benefits of tailor-made products

The benefits of tailor-made products

Here at Derma Organics, we think that there should be something for everyone and that the opportunity to purchase our products should be completely inclusive. With this in mind, we believe that creating tailor-made products to meet your personal requirements, by choosing ingredients that work for you, is the way forward for those in the beauty industry.


What are tailor-made products?

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Tailor-made products are the result of product customisation, which enables you to mould any of our wide range of beauty products to suit your personal needs. This includes being able to accommodate any allergies you may have by removing specific ingredients from your purchased products. For example, if you have a nut allergy we can make sure there are no almond or argan nut oils in your products. Tailor-made products offer many benefits to both you, and us as creators, as they allow us to learn more about your individual needs and help us to discover new ideas for future product developments. Additionally, we can customise and create a product from scratch to suit your requirements. You won’t be able to find the same product anywhere else, as it will be specially formulated to suit your skin or hair type.


Allergies & beauty products

Beauty products, and the way that they work, can be very different from one person to the next. For example, a facial moisturiser that has worked wonders for your friend may cause skin breakouts for you. This is because our skin and hair are unique to us, and the same recipes certainly won’t work for everyone.

Becoming aware of your own allergies, and the ingredients that negatively affect your skin and hair, can save you from spending money on products that will only aggravate and harm your skin. This means that tailor-made products offer a more cost-effective option, and will prevent you from suffering from the physical effects that come with using products that simply don’t agree with you. These side effects can include anything from small rashes to full-blown allergic reactions, so it's definitely advisable to listen to your skin and take notice.


Customisable beauty products

Customisable beauty products

Our handmade, customisable Derma Organics products are tailor-made with you in mind. Here are just some of the organic products that we can make according to your skincare needs:

Organic African Honey & Lemon Facial Scrub

Scalp Stimulating Growth Treatment

Brightening Equalizer Facial Serum

Acne Buster Herbal Face & Body Soap Paste

If you suffer from allergies and can’t wait to try out some of our natural, tailor-made beauty products, send an email to, or give us a call on +44 7376 945479, we’ll be happy to discuss your personal requirements with you.

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