Derma Organics. What skin type am I?

What skin type am I?

Through knowing what skin type you have you can ensure that you use the best products for your complexion. Using the wrong products can lead to irritation or discomfort, so finding out what you should and shouldn’t be using as part of your skincare regime is very important.  

When it comes to efficient skincare, the key is to keep your skin healthy, and by finding out what skin type you have you can achieve this. Here, we explore different skin types, the characteristics that they have, and how you can best take care of yours with some great organic product recommendations..


 Oily skin

If your skin is shiny, greasy, and prone to breakouts, you have an oily skin type. This is because your skin is producing too much sebum which then sits on the surface and results in an oily complexion. Often, this occurs in the t-zone area which includes the forehead, nose, and chin, and causes blocked pores which can result in blemishes.  

Derma Organics. Organic African Honey & Lemon Facial Scrub

To care for your oily skin type, you should exfoliate twice a week which will help to natural dark spot corrector for face and keep your skin balanced. Our Organic African Honey & Lemon Face Scrub is perfect for this as it deeply penetrates the pores to leave them clear and revitalized, and removes dead skin cells which will give you a glowing complexion. Using our Acne Buster Herbal Facial Mask™ regularly will also help to combat an oily complexion, as it works to absorb excess oil and is packed full of vitamins that will give you healthy skin. This product is also anti-inflammatory thanks to the inclusion of Acne Derma Soap, which means that it will tackle and calm any breakouts that you may be experiencing.


 Dry skin

Derma Organics. What's your skin type?

If your complexion is dehydrated and often feels tight and uncomfortable then you have a dry skin type. Dry skin can be a bit scaly and rough to touch, and its lack of elasticity can give your complexion a tight feeling too. A dry skin type is often caused by an inability to retain moisture, and in addition to a tight feeling you may also experience some flakiness, redness, and irritation. Dry skin is more sensitive to external factors than other skin types, which means that protecting it from the sun and harsh temperatures is important.  

To look after a dry skin type, the most important thing to do is moisturize. Avoid moisturizers that contain fragrances, dyes, and chemicals as these can irritate your dry complexion, and instead opt for something natural - like our Brightening Equalizer Facial Moisturizer™. Rich in texture but without a heavy, greasy feel, this natural skin brightening cream is full of vitamins that will leave you with nourished, hydrated skin. You might also like to try our Beautifying Face & Body Elixir™, which is great for dry skin. This organic skin brightening elixir will smooth the texture of your skin and give you a healthy glow, and the inclusion of carrot oil means that your complexion will be balanced and nourished after use.  


Derma Organics. Beautifying Face & Body Elixir™ 

 Combination skin

The combination skin type is perhaps the hardest one to look after as it produces both dry and oily areas to take care of. Typically, those with combination skin will have oily areas across their forehead, nose, and chin, and will have dry skin on their cheeks. The challenge here is keeping your complexion balanced, without making the oily areas extra oily or drying out the dry areas even further. For this reason it’s important that you use a range of products on different areas of your face to ensure that each skin type is getting what it requires to stay healthy.

As mentioned above, for an oily t-zone you should use an exfoliating derma organics face scrub, such as our Organic African Honey & Lemon Face Scrub, to clear pores and rid your complexion of dead skin cells. You can also apply our Acne Buster Herbal Facial Mask™ to oily areas of the face as this absorbs excess sebum and will leave these parts of your face feeling less greasy and shiny. For the dry areas of your complexion, keep them hydrated and moisturized with our Brightening Equalizer Facial Moisturizer™, and treat yourself to some Beautifying Face & Body Elixir™ for when you want to really make your skin glow.


Sensitive skin

Those with a sensitive skin type may also find that they struggle to take care of their skin as many products can leave it feeling sore and irritated. Sensitive skin is often dry and red and can feel very uncomfortable at times, so treating it well and using the right products on it is vital. Gentle formulas and natural ingredients can definitely help with this, and you should also test a bit of a new product on your skin before committing to using it all over, just in case it does start to irritate you.  

Derma Organics. Turmeric root bar

If your skin is feeling irritated, you can benefit from using our Turmeric Root Bar. Not only does this wonderful turmeric soap produce a creamy lather which will moisturize your face, but it has natural anti-inflammatory powers which will help to reduce redness and alleviate discomfort too. Turmeric is also a super ingredient when caring for skin that has been damaged by the sun and other external factors, so you can be sure that you’re giving your skin a treat when you use it. Like with other skin types, our Acne Buster Herbal Facial Mask™ could help to alleviate issues associated with sensitive skin too. Thanks to the inclusion of African black soap, this mask has anti-inflammatory properties which will combat redness and calm swelling.


 Normal skin

Having a normal skin type is something to celebrate, as this means that you don’t need to focus on a particular issue and can simply use products that keep your skin healthy and nourished. Normal skin is well-balanced with no excess oil, flakiness, or redness, and by using great quality products, keeping it hydrated, and protecting it from the sun and other external factors, you can ensure that it stays this way.  

Our Brightening Equalizer Facial Serum™ is a great all-round product for a normal skin type as it will help it to recover from any negative impact from external factors, and contains vitamin C which will give you a radiant glow. The inclusion of hyaluronic acid is also beneficial as this will give your complexion a plump look, tackling fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your complexion looking young and fresh. To ensure that you always keep that glow, exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week using our Organic African Honey & Lemon Facial Scrub too. Featuring African honey, this scrub will get deep into your pores to eliminate impurities and will help your complexion to keep moisture locked in, giving your skin a hydrated look and feel.

We hope that you can now determine which skin type you are and know exactly which products you need to ensure that you keep your complexion in the best possible condition.

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