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Bitter Leaf n’ Spinach Soap

Bitter Leaf n’ Spinach Soap

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• A fast acting antidote to Eczema, Acne and dull skin
• An everyday superfood vegetable soap made with raw ginger juice, African Bitter leaf, Jamaican Bush Tree (Cerasee) and chlorophyll from spinach.
• Suited for both face and body.
• Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties from ginger, African bitter leaf and cerasee to soothe most skin irritations leaving you with a cleansed brighter complexion.
• Does not strip your skin like most brand soaps, but leaves your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed, but moisturized even after rinsing.

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• Your one-stop shop product to all your skin insecurities. Natural dark spot corrector to combat common skin ailments, such as cystic acne, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, shaving/ingrown hair bumps, and seborrheic dermatitis.

• Natural dark spot corrector that penetrates deep below the skin surface to destroy acne-causing bacteria and reducing the formation of pus-filled blemishes and boils.

• Achieve visibly clear, balanced, and calm skin.

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How to use

1. Create a soapy lather with warm water and cleanse your face and affected areas of your body.

2. Let the lather sit on affected areas for 1 minute and rinse with lukewarm water.

3. Pat dry. Use as often as needed both morning and night.

For best results, follow with our recommended Bumpz n’ Stumpz Topical Eraser™ and SkinSolve™ Phyto+ Ointment (Coming soon) as further treatment for face and body acne or eczema.


African Bitter leaf - combats fungal infections and protects your skin against the negative effects of free radicals

Chlorophyll from Spinach is packed full of vitamins which will improve the health of your skin and leave you with a glowing complexion
- provides the skin with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, helps treat acne, minimizes the appearance of pores, and improves signs of aging.

Raw ginger juice - Contains gingerol, a phytochemical that reduces inflammation and fights acne-causing bacteria, promoting clearer skin. Its antioxidant properties rejuvenate dull skin, enhancing brightness and radiance.

All Ingredients
Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Oil, Organic Vitellaria Paradoxa (shea nut) Butter, Organic Ricinus Communis (castor) Seed Oil, Cerasee (Momordica Charantia) bark, Vernonia Amygdalina (bitter leaf) extract, Spirulina Platensis (spirulina) extract, Zingiber Officinale (ginger) extract, Daucus Carota Sativa (carrot) extract, Cucumis Sativus (cucumber) extract, Spinacia Oleracea (spinach) extract.


Who should use?

People who have oily skin and those who have body acne, an uneven complexion, dark spots, or eczema.

Customization may cause the product price to increase depending on the labor and selected ingredient(s). 

NOTE: Avoid contact with the eye area as it may sting due to high ginger content.

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